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Neato’s Back-to-School Cleaning Tips

With students returning to the classroom, it’s time to shift gears and get back on track for the new school year. A clean environment is essential for a productive learning environment, which has proven to enhance focus while reducing distractions. Here are some tips to help your kids stay organized and maximize their learning efficiency.

  • Assign storage spaces: Putting things away can be difficult if you don’t know where they belong. Consider assigning and labeling specific storage spaces to teach your kids where to return their school supplies after every use.
  • Offer an incentive: Set up a reward system to recognize your kids after they have successfully tidied their workspace. Offering rewards can make cleaning enjoyable and encourage your kids to make organizing their space an ongoing habit.
  • Start a cleaning routine: Eraser shavings are inevitable and often end up on the floor among other things. With Neato, vacuuming can be hassle-free with the option to schedule routines. Just select your preferred cleaning days, times, and mode from our convenient app. As Neato cleans, take advantage of the extra time to take the kids out for ice cream!
  • Be a positive role model: Kids often look up to their parents and model their behaviors. Be mindful of setting a good example for your kids to follow of how the ideal workspace should look.

Whether your kids are physically back at school or learning remotely, establishing positive study habits with them early on is important. Your kids’ surroundings can affect their productivity, so don’t let a cluttered desk or messy floor keep your kids from learning effectively. If you need an extra helping hand, Neato is always here to clean up the mess!

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